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Overcome performance and scalability problems of HQL queries without escaping to SQL: Write compact object queries with Hibernate and still get efficient SQL!

FastOQL™ is a Java library that compiles complex OQL queries into highly optimized and efficient SQL queries. It is designed to work with Hibernate, as an alternative to its HQL, to address its performance and scalability problems.

  A book written by SOL's founder published by Wiley: Milicev, D., "Model-Driven Development with Executable UML"!

One of the world's largest publishers, John Wiley & Sons, has published a book written by SOL's founder, Dr. Dragan Milicev, entitled "Model-Driven Development with Executable UML," in its popular Wrox series (ISBN 9780470481639). The book has 816 pages and thoroughly explains the concepts underpinning our SOLoist technology. In addition, Wiley has licensed Tsinghua University Press from Beijing, China, to translate the book to Chinese. More details... Book Cover
  SOL is a software research and development company with two groups of business activities:

Application Products & Services:
  • Development of business applications according to customer's needs: information systems, Web-based systems (incl. portals), B2B applications, domain-specific applications
  • Outsourcing: on-site support to IT departments, off-site process delegation (design, coding, testing, etc.)
  • Domain-specific products
  • Consulting
  • Expertise in technologies:
    • Model-Driven Development, MDA, UML (incl. UML modeling tools)
    • OO Programming Languages: Java, C#, C++
    • Frameworks: all popular JEE frameworks, .Net frameworks
    • All popular Web technologies and frameworks (incl. but not limited to JSP, JSF, ASP, PHP)
Technology Products & Services:
  • Tools for advanced software development
  • Software development methods improvement
  • Training in advanced software development
  • April 2016: Oberthur Technologies has chosen SOLoist to be the technology platform of a part of its product range. Read more...
  • July 2014: Five papers on our achievements, authored by our members and associates, have been published recently in most prestigious international journals and magazines, including IEEE, Elsevier, and Springer. More...
  • December 2013: We welcome our new partner, NetSet Global Solutions ( SOL will jointly work with NetSet on some very challenging and interesting projects in the field of complex governmental information systems in the international market.
  • December 2013: SOL has signed a new contract with our valuable customer, IMG from Norway, for a new interesting and challenging project in the field of distant learning. SOL will design and develop a new, very innovative solution for adaptive distant learning, following the ideas and requirements of IMG. We are looking forward to this breakthrough new product in distant learning.
  • September/November 2013: Two academic papers authored by our members, Prof. Dragan Milicev (founder and CEO) and Zarko Mijailovic (senior software engineer) have been published in two most prestigious IEEE Journals: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (DOI: 10.1109/TSE.2013.8) and IEEE Software (DOI: 10.1109/MS.2013.45). The papers describe research achievements, theoretical background, and extensive experimental evaluation behind some core concepts incorporated in our SOLoist technology and framework.
  • January 2013: We are pleased to announce that our successful collaboration with our valuable customer, HiST Contract Research from Trondheim, Norway, continues. SOL has extended the contract with HiST CR for the next two years. We are going on with our fruitful partnership and intensive software development!
  • October 2012: We have announced general availability of our new product, FastOQL™, and published its web site visit
  • September/November 2012: SOL is presenting at Devoxx again. We are proud to announce our second appearance at Devoxx, the premier Java conference in Antwerp, Belgium, with a promotion of our brand new product, FastOQL™ for Hibernate. More details...